The Powerbang Gaming team is growing! As the mobile gaming industry grows, and more opportunities present themselves, Powerbang is looking more and more for trustworthy, hard-working, self-starting individuals to manage operations and support brand growth.

The gaming industry, content creation industry, and influencer marketing industries are all very new and it is currently quite difficult to prepare for any of these via traditional education. If you are interested in learning the ropes in gaming, esports, content creation, brand partnerships, or influencer marketing, there may be an opportunity to explore an internship with Powerbang.

Areas that are in consistent need are as follows. If any of these areas interest you, please use the contact form to reach out.

    • Administrative support
    • Data & Analytics
    • Web Design & Development
    • Graphic Design
    • Social Media Management
    • Video Editing
    • PR & Marketing

Interns that excel in the industry and prove to be an asset to the team will have the opportunity to receive a full-time salaried position.

Remember, the demand to join Team PB is quite high, so make a great case as to why our team should consider you and your skill set!

Apply to Join Team PB