OnePlus Selects Powerbang as Brand Ambassador

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OnePlus Selects Powerbang as Brand Ambassador

Powerbang Gaming and the increasingly popular mobile phone manufacturer OnePlus have officially reached an brand ambassador agreement. Powerbang will begin immediate, exclusive use of OnePlus devices, the newest flagship offering from the phone manufacturer.

"I've been a fan of the OnePlus brand for a little over two years (around the time of the OnePlus 3), since I saw how much value they were packing into their devices. After testing the new OnePlus 7 Pro for about a month to see how it performed, I was quickly blown away at how superior the performance was when compared to the iPhone XS Max that I was coming from," Powerbang said with a surprise.

OnePlus has long since been known as a "Flagship Killer" because they have routinely offered extremely impressive performance, and high end hardware at a fraction of the price of popular competitors like Apple and Samsung. Now, with the OnePlus regularly outperforming its higher-priced competitors, it made a ton of sense for Powerbang to shine a light on a more affordable phone that performs better for gamers.

"Since I started gaming on the OnePlus 7 Pro, there hasn't been a single time when I've dropped frames or had any sort of stutter or lag related to the device hardware itself. This used to be a daily occurrence, and once I saw that life just didn't have to be this way, I knew that a partnership with OnePlus could be an amazing way to spread the word and help mobile gamers everywhere perform better, at a lower cost."

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