Powerbang Partners with Spacestation Gaming

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Powerbang Partners with Spacestation Gaming

Popular esports organization Spacestation Gaming, founded by internet star Shonduras, has partnered with mobile gaming industry figureheads and content creators Clash With Ash (CWA) and Powerbang to lead their Mobile Gaming division. Powerbang and Ash will pilot the new SSG Mobile company and provide opportunities to the organization that only they are able to do.

Look for SSG to continue expansion into popular and competitive mobile titles in 2020, and add to an already stacked team roster that includes some of the top teams in the world for Rocket League, Rainbow 6, PUBG MOBILE, and Brawl Stars.

Both Powerbang and CWA become co-owners of SSG in this move and will move their personal brands underneath the SSG umbrella.

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