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Welcome to Powerbang Gaming – one of the interweb’s premiere sources for Clash of Clans content. In late February of 2015, some pals of mine – a truly rag-tag collection of misfits, decided to create the 74th greatest clan in the land (number chosen is completely arbitrary, and otherwise fabricated). We are known as WHF.

My goal in creating a new clan was to ditch the “YAY TWO STAR!” mentality, and make 2-star raids a thing of the past. To win high-level wars, 2-stars against TH9 (or lower) bases simply wasn’t getting it done. After a LOT of raiding, and many, many wars… We’ve stumbled across by accident, or with maybe even a little ingenuity, several consistent methods and strategies to achieve 3-stars in tough clanwars. In addition to providing this information to my clanmates and trying to propel WHF forward, I also want to teach YOU!

So let me leave you with some thoughts on making an effort to be awesome – a conscious decision to no longer settle for the mediocrity of 2-stars. When you’re done… check out the site – you’ll learn something (I promise!)

Welcome to the Banger Nation,


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